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Real Estate Counseling Services
Syd Machat, CRE, CCIM, MBA

Evaluate Your Real Estate!

Commercial-Industrial, Land,

Farm, Country Estates

  • Considering an orderly disposition?

  • Evaluate timing for a property sale

  • Analyze price and interest rate trends

  • Research local market data 

  • Define your goals and objectives

  • Discuss options & prudent RE strategies

Our First Meeting
On-site or Virtual


  • Step #1:  Submit basic property data 

  • Step #2:  Arrange property inspection

  • Step #3:  Exchange our thoughts and ideas

Proposal Memo:  

Scope of the Consultation

  •  Proposal Memo Submitted

  •  Define the assignment's objectives

  •  Outline the research to be employed

  •  Provide written cost estimate & time line

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